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   Shanghai Sanfeng Mold Tooling Factory Sanfeng Mold Tooling Factory is located in the Yangpu District of Shanghai, next to the busy commercial center of WuJiaoChang. Sanfeng is one of the 80 leading mold tooling manufacturing enterprises in China. The company staff consists of many senior mold design and fabrication specialists. With computerized equipment and advanced software, Sanfeng can make and deliver complicated and complex molds in a short production period and at a very low cost.
   Peak Industries Inc. has its roots in Sangfeng Mold Tooling Company that specializes in various types of molds and tooling. Sanfeng was one of the 80 leading mold tooling companies in China and has over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Years of superior product development, excellent quality control and competitive pricing have propelled Sanfeng to the forefront of progress.
   In the past ten years. Sanfeng has penetrated several major international markets and registered phenomenal growt. In 2002, Sanfeng Mold Tooling and three sister companies in Baoshan, Changzhou and Yuyao formed Peak Industries and established its head office in Shanghai. In its continuous endeavor for excellence, the group’s products line has now expanded to include stamped and extruded stainless steel parts, stainless steel stretch formed parts, as well as aluminum and plastic consumer products. Peak Industries now has distributor/agent networks throughout several provinces in China and many countries/regions including USA, Brazil, SouthAmerica, Italy and Australia, etc.
  Peak Industries currently manufactures the following products:Stamping molds,Die casting molds, Extruding molds, Plastic injection molds, Industrial tooling Stamped stainless steel parts, Extruded stainless steel parts, Extruded aluminum parts 
Die cast aluminum parts, Specialty screws, Air conditioner components Various types of metal parts Plastic parts,  Precision innocuous rubber seals Various steel or iron bending tube,etc.
  Peak Industries also has a division specialized in sourcing, contract manufacturing and assembly for oversea companies and factories.

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Address:Tower 5, Lane 1135 Baotou Road, Shanghai 200438, PRC
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Address:Tower 5, Lane 1135 Baotou Road, Shanghai 200438, PRC
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