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China's hardware businesses how to effectively develop enterprise annual targets
How to effectively develop the annual corporate objectives, will to some extent about the development of enterprises, with the authority of a third party consultant, we come in with the goal of science to develop tools and methodologies, enterprise annual target setting process is business strategy and ability to comprehensive analysis, a strong guarantee to reach the goal, at the same time on the basis of the KPI system, the establishment and evaluation of the work process itself, that is, all staff towards a unified goal of corporate strategy process, managers of various departments will be performance management work played a significant role in promoting.
During the consultation, we often face the need to assist clients to develop annual business objectives, KPI performance indicators in order to complete the design and evaluation system to implement, however, changes in the external environment as the business rapidly, increasing uncertainties circumstances, the annual targets enterprises often evolve into a kinds of time and effort involved in the bargain become a boss and a manager's game; as a third-party consultant, if there is no depth understanding of business situations, often obey the boss will set up the goal too high rather than an objective the establishment of a "jump up to achieve" the goal of and thus the impact of high-level initiative and the implementation of the performance of the system, resulting in enterprise incentive mechanism, in the enterprise performance by the external environment for enterprises of how to devise the annual scientific goals? personally think that the consultants need to use historical data to build dynamic analysis and forecasting models to carry out scientific-objective decision-making, and guide the two sides reached a consensus, the following practices in relation to personal forward for discussion.
First of all, the need for enterprises to engage in strategic carding and effectively engage in strategic analysis and planning, strategic planning is the annual target of specific milestones, but also the operating performance of a specific considerations indicators. Therefore set the annual goals have to consider the strategic direction, will have to consider the feasibility of the reality and specificity. Must therefore be a clear trend of the future development of the industry, dynamic competitors in order to determine the strategic objectives of Planning, 3-5 years, based on this re-formulation of the annual target, industry analysis and strategic planning for most companies is a weakness because there is no conscientiously do a good job in long-term strategic planning, business ups and downs tend to be difficult to sustain the steady development. But the general business strategic planning often do not know which to start, by knowledge, conditions of its arm's length, the author recommends that practical experience under the PEST + SWOT tool combed portfolio strategy, through macro-environment analysis, evaluation in which the development of the industry trends and on company, and team manager to reach consensus.
And then combined with the industry environment, competitors and their products in the market to carry out comprehensive assessment of the situation to select the most critical factors, and finally back to the enterprise itself to carry out SWOT analysis, development stage the focus of the operational objectives and management objectives, such as the annual sales growth is expected, shareholders rate of return, brand promotion goals, the research capabilities of the target.
Secondly, the reference to previous years, financial data, the use of dashboard software technology to build the key objectives of the dynamic analysis model. Annual targets in previous years data is one of the important factors in decision-making, according to live data we can get an objective assessment of existing capacity in order to determine the rate of development of the trend-based indicators to historical data into the model to an open discussion on the quantitative analysis can reduce the goal to develop the artificial factors. For example, a concentrated expression of the profit and loss account cost of sales, administrative expenses, sales costs, tax rates and other factors on the eventual realization of the impact between the net profit. Through the establishment of sales growth,
Display the entire profit system variables of the linkage between the relations, seminar only need a fixed number of core variables in the model page using the mouse drag the slider to set the variable cost of sales rate, the rate of management fees, sales cost rates, as well as the value of tax and other factors, just the basis of strategic planning to determine sales growth and profits in the two most critical goals, we can Backstepping profits targets and strategies, this process will not only listen to the views of managers, but also Luo listed in good condition at the time of the operation of the target (positive values), and can not be predicted, through the efforts or to achieve goals (pessimistic value), so as to come under the influence of different external conditions of the annual performance target was predicted KPI applies to the basic, ideal , challenges such as the difficulty of the standards, compared to competitors or benchmark companies can clear the new fiscal year will focus on the company level. Third, by analyzing the general framework of consensus decision, the owners and managers to reach a consensus between the more or less, and at this time, goals or expectations, goals need to be issued to discuss further clarified the conditions for the realization of the objectives, demonstration of its feasibility, the specific approach is to guide all departments to develop annual plans, a clear implementation strategy, in particular the necessary corporate resources and other departments to assist, through integration of the forecast to determine the gap between the master plan of the enterprise's own resources and capabilities, as well as to integrate the resources and capabilities to carry out some assessments, department heads through the participation and commitment to draw up annual targets enterprises have a solid foundation.
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