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Financial crisis under the metal industry should leverage the market channels to do
In another financial crisis hit, the number of domestic enterprises have to seek a new breakthrough. Shandong difficult transition metal industry also began to explore ways to leverage with the expansion of sales channels.
Deng Wei Wen Li Tools Group Co., Ltd. is the world's largest producer of live wrench, and its export of a comprehensive staff of the Department tells us that: "in the crisis-affected enterprises exports from 80% to the current 50%. To raise exports Although the tax rebate can be part of the buffer losses, but the good news is limited, at present enterprises have begun efforts to open up the domestic market. "
And with every export enterprises, Deng Wei Wen turn inward force is also facing its own "brand" and Channels. It is reported that the current text of Deng Wei Li Group has "ICP", "power up" and other brands, but for a long time more than 80% of exports, its brand name recognition in the domestic hardware industry is not high, and the building of the channels also weak. In order to open the domestic market as soon as possible, Deng Wei Wen Li has adopted a national "brand" of the way, joined the National League of hardware procurement, product will be sold to the National League of hardware procurement, and then paste the reunification of the National League brand hardware procurement, "the World Alliance" brand. According to informed sources, hardware procurement of the National League have the largest domestic electrical and mechanical hardware, "the World Alliance" marketing network, by focusing on supply and demand information, integration of all business needs of purchase orders for procurement of uniform, uniform pricing, unified brand, and then from all over the country The distribution to dealers. At present, "the World Alliance" in the domestic marketing network in the provinces, cities and regions, nearly 30 dealers.
"Hardware to join the National Union for the procurement of rapidly rising export sales of domestic enterprises can be a good way, but for larger enterprises, hardware, network and build its own brand is still the long-term sustainable development, the only way . "
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